The Chamber has been asked to share FEMA disaster recovery information that may be of importance to many of the citizens who were possibly affected by this year’s winter storm.
Below is pertinent information for your information and use.
This is the link to the Disaster homepage where it identifies counties eligible for assistance: https://www.fema.gov/disaster/4586
This is the link to where individuals can apply for FEMA Disaster Assistance:
Below is the link that individuals can visit to register for free FEMA webinars on recovery and mitigation efforts: https://femacqpub1.connectsolutions.com/content/connect/c1/7/en/events/catalog.html?folder-id=172559520&from-origin=fema.connectsolutions.com

Copy and paste the links into your browser search bar.

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A survey by American Express found 93 percent of consumers believe shopping at small businesses is  important, and they’re putting their money where their mouths are by  spending about a third of their discretionary income at local small  businesses. Here are a few reasons you should join them by participating  in Small Business Saturday this year.
  1. Get free money. For Amex cardholders, shopping local on Nov. 26 can net a $25 credit on a $25 purchase. Check out the Small Business Saturday Facebook page for details on how and where. (FedEx partnered with American Express to  offer 40,000 $25 Amex gift cards to non-Amex customers too, but they  ran out in about an hour.)
  2. Find something different. They often have unique items or services you won’t find in the mass retailers. These can make great gifts.
  3. Preserve unique places to eat, drink, and shop. That  uniqueness can also help create a community character and a sense of  place. Think of the reasons you like to travel – it’s probably not  because the destinations have another McDonald’s or Walmart. Shopping at  these stores helps keep them alive, and encourages new ones.
  4. Make friends. The  service is often much better. More than 20 percent of consumers in the  American Express survey listed being greeted by name and getting  personal recommendations as the primary reason for shopping small. Local  businesses depend on maintaining relationships, unlike the giants who  sometimes seem too successful to care.
  5. Improve the community. Small  businesses support the local area with their taxes, by creating jobs,  and often by buying from and working with other local companies. Many  also support local nonprofits

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